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It goes without saying that it is paramount for hotels to keep their guests happy.

Happy guests become loyal customers

Keepings your guests happy and delighted during their stay will ensure that they become loyal and repeat customers (aka guests).

Loyal customers become regular customers which gradually reduced the cost of customer acquisition. They also end up spending more money and are ideal target audience for upselling other serivces of the hotel like massage therapies and liquor.

Reduced negative feedbacks

It is true that an upset guest will post a negative review online but a happy guest will most probably not leave a positive feedback.

Yet an increased number of happy guests will gradually result in a decrease in negative reviews and a slow yet steady increase in positive reviews (of course over a period of time).

Word of mouth marketing

Word of mouth marketing is considered to be the most effective form of marketing and a happy customer can be your brand ambasaddor in his / her network.

Happy guests talk about your hotel and services to other people in their network. This results in a wider reach among your target audience which none of your marketing teams could ever achieve.

For instance, during our research we came across hotels which ended up receiving regular corporate bookings through one happy guest who ended up being incharge of the travel desk in a fortune 500 company.

Increased revenue and reduced cost of customer acquisition

As per an independent study, happy guest ends up visiting the property frequently and in each visit end up spending more money. This results in a direct increase in hotel revenue.

Happy guests are also the right set of target audience for upselling other services of the hotel like a spa booking or holding family or corporate events at the hotel.

How will this website help you?

We have built this website to document our learnings that we have acquired over the years on working with numerous hotels and how our clients worldwide are working hard on their one key matric "Keeping their Guests Happy" to stay on top of the competition.

Where do I begin?

We have built this website with a single intention of providing as much information as possible and you can consume them in any order.

However for maximum value, please read the articles in the following order or may be you can consider the the following articles as a starting point.

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