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Why your hotel needs a guest complaint and request management software to keep guests happy

guest complaint and request management software

An alarmingly huge number of hotels follow a manual process when it comes to managing their guests' complaints and requests.

The primary tool that hotels use to manage their guest complaints and requests is either a spreadsheet or a call log book.

In a typical scenario if the guest calls via the intercom to report a complaint or to request a service, he is attended by an operator manning the telephones.

This operator upon receiving the call uses a log book (referred to as call log register) or a spreadsheet to record the details of the guest call.

Once it is recorded in the spreadsheet the operator goes ahead and calls the respective department to pass on the necessary information.

From then onwards the department is responsible for resolving the guest complaint or fulfilling the guest request.

In the onset, this process seems to be working, but if you look deeper it has a serious problem.

To start with, once the operator passes on the guest call details to the department, he / she has absolutely no details about the progress of the complaint or request. Also the department managers do not have any idea on how long did it take their staff to address the guest complaint or request.

In most scenarios the hotel managers and the owners find out about any screw ups from a negative review posted online.

No matter what you do the damage is done.

In this context Geedesk, a guest complaint and request management software will make it super easy and effective for hotels to offer quick service to the guests.

To start with instead of noting down the guest call details in a spreadsheet or call log book, the operator who attended the guest call will create a ticket in Geedesk.

guest complaint and request management software

From here Geedesk would do all the heavy lifting. It will identify the right person in the right department and assign the ticket to him/her. This ticket can be assigned will be sent to the user in the form of notification in the app or in the form of an sms to his cell phone.

The sms will have all the information about the guest call including the time in which he / she has to resolve it and any special instruction if available.

The employee on receiving the sms goes to the guest room and attends to the complaint or delivers the service.

guest complaint and request management software

In case there is a delay in addressing the guest ticket the supervisors and the managers are notified about the delay via sms and email.

The supervisors or managers can immediately intervene and understand the reason behind the delay and take necessary action, like reassigning the ticket to another team member of helping the employee resolve the ticket on time.

This intervention acts as a checkpoint to prevent any further delay in serving the guest and also creates a strong of accountability with the employee who was in the first place tasked with resolving the guest ticket.

In Geedesk a ticket can be escalated up to four levels and this creates four levels of checkpoints to avoid or act of any ticket that is getting delayed. This four level escalation process enforces the hotel staff to offer great service to the guests consistently.

guest complaint and request management software

Reports and Data Points

The data within the guest complaint and request management software is a potent source for critical data points that can be used for plenty of use cases including but not limiting to employee appraisal, understanding the regular complaints that guests face and planning a maintenance schedule.

guest complaint and request management software

The top tickets report in Geedesk is a clear indication of the top complaints that guests have faced during their stay. This data point can be used to plan a maintenance activity to ensure that our guests do not face the same issue in the future. This report can also be generated before and after the maintenance schedule to gauge the effectiveness of the maintenance activity.

guest complaint and request management software

Property dashboard in Geedesk displays the overall performance of the hotel on a single dashboard. This makes it easy for the General Managers of the property to track and monitor on how effectively the guests are being served and the effectiveness of the overall operations.

guest complaint and request management software

In addition to the above mentioned reports Geedesk also offers extensive reports like monthly and weekly analysis, employee performance analysis, realtime analysis, daily GM report, daily manager report, custom reports (can be used to select and define your own reports) etc.

These reports (multiple data points) offers in depth analysis related to guest complaints and requests.

Our Story

photo after Geedesk was launched
The day we launched Geedesk

I'm Krishnan. I founded Geedesk in 2017 from a spare bedroom in my apartment.

The apartment was gifted by my wealthy father-in-law in a posh locality in Chennai, India but I was broke. My bank account was empty. Me, my wife and my eight year old daughter would eat plain curd rice three times a day, every day.

I was desperately scheduling meetings with people in my contacts to see if I can get a small project to feed my family, because the lack of nutritious diet was affecting my daughter’s health.

During one such meeting with GRT Group of Hotels, I figured out that hotels needed a guest complaint and request management software. A very basic version of Geedesk was born in a week’s time.

My friend Manikandan (we studied in the same college) was also unemployed at the time and decided to join this project called Geedesk. When the product was ready, Regency Sameera Vellore by GRT Hotels started using it. We were excited and I started taking customer feedback and was busy writing code while Manikandan was busy cold calling hotels to pitch Geedesk to them. One such cold call made The Park, Chennai our customer and since then we have not looked behind.

As of today we have 5000+ users spread across 100+ clients using Geedesk.

If you are interested in trying Geedesk you can send us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you.